Antonio Scala

 He received a Law Degree from the Catholic University of Milan (Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) and a Proficiency in Financial Markets Law from the Pantheon-Assas University of Paris in 1995; he has been admitted to the Italian Bar of Lawyers since 1997.

Throughout his career he specialized in financial markets law, banking law and company law, with a focus on extra-ordinary transactions.

Before setting up his own law firm he practiced in major Italian and international law firms and was also General Counsel for a foreign investment bank with a worldwide presence then becoming member of the strategic committee  for Italy of such credit institution with a proxy on legal-corporate matters.

He held positions like director, corporate advisor and general secretary at various listed  financial institutions and companies contributing to the review of the corporate governance system of some of the major  Italian banking and insurance companies.


Aldo Russo

Aldo Russo joined Studio Legale Scala in 2008 as an expert at administrative law with a focus on the following areas: town planning, construction, infrastructures, public tenders, environmental, gas and energy, administrative independent authorities.

He previously practiced in one of the top-leading Milan law firms specialized in administrative law.

He graduated at the Catholic University of Milan (Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) in 1993, has been admitted to the Milan Bar in 2001 and to the Bar of  the Supreme Court (albo degli Avvocati Cassazionisti) in 2013.

Pierluigi di Paolo

Pierluigi di Paolo joined Studio Legale Scala in 2011 where he provides tax advice in relation to M&A transactions, company re-organizations, securitisations, real estate transactions, stock options plans and engineering of financial instruments with particular regard to tax international implications.

He previously worked for primary international investment banks with a global presence as an originator as well as dealing with the fiscal issues connected with structure finance transactions.

Earlier on he was Associate Partner of one of the leading legal and tax international firms in Milan providing tax advice especially in connection with extra-ordinary transactions.

Pierluigi di Paolo graduated at the Bocconi University of Milan; he is registered in the Italian Bar of Dottori Commercialisti and is a member of the National Chartered Accountants & Tax Experts’ Society.

Pierluigi di Paolo holds various board of directors and auditor positions.