Corporate and extraordinary transactions

The Law Firm provides legal advice in favour of companies, banking and financial institutions, asset management companies and other regulated entities both in the phase of the set up dealing with all the relevant issues, also under the regulatory perspective, and during the existence of the company including the listing on the market as the case may be. It also offers its services in relation to acquisitions/dismissals of company stakes and/or assets and to other extraordinary transactions mainly concerning companies listed on Italian and foreign markets. The most efficient legal structure for the implementation of the transaction is identified also by means of shaping the most suitable corporate governance for the involved entities.

Bankruptcy law and debt restructuring

The Firm furnishes legal advice to companies and group of companies in financial crisis assisting the clients in the bankruptcy procedures and/or in the definition and negotiation of debt restructuring agreements with the creditors of the distressed company (composition with creditors, debt restructuring agreements under section 182-bis of the Italian civil code). It also assists clients in the phase of the reorganization aimed at easing the recovery of the company in financial distress with the primary goal of preserving the value of the enterprise and protecting the interests of all the involved stakeholders (employees, shareholders and financial sponsors).

Banking law and financial markets

The Firm provides assistance in favour of industrial and commercial companies, collective investment schemes and financial institutions in structuring and negotiating financial products.

It also offers advice in relation to investment services and activities as well as IPO transactions, offerings and placement of shares on the secondary market, voluntary/compulsory takeovers and exchange bids.

Governance Advisory

The Firm has developed a particular expertise in relation to strategic advice on corporate governance matters, in favour of companies/individuals interested in investing in listed companies, by means of evaluating the corporate governance as a key-factor for the creation of value and identifying possible actions aimed at improving the corporate governance system of the company targeted for the investment.

Assistance is also provided mainly in favour of issuers listed on the market by means of assessing their actual corporate governance system and proposing solutions for improvement (analysis and revision of articles and memorandum of association, company regulations, identification of the most efficient and effective model of administration and control, review of the shareholding structure to promote the stability of the company).

Administrative Law

The Firm has established a significant experience in the following areas of administrative law:

town planning, construction, infrastructures, public tenders, environmental, gas and energy. Legal advice is provided to private and public companies and governmental bodies both at judicial and extra-judicial level.

Real Estate

The Firm offers its advice in the real estate area in favour of primary Italian and foreign institutional investors, real estate investment funds and asset management companies assisting the client in each phase of extraordinary real estate transactions – dealing with all the necessary contractual and company documentation – including: acquisitions and dismissal of real estate properties of significant value,  acquisitions and dismissal of participations in real estate companies and real estate investment funds.

Litigation and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

The Firm has developed a wide experience in the litigation area, in various business sectors and for different kind of matters, both at judicial and extra-judicial level offering its advice particularly in the management of disputes arising in connection with extraordinary transactions. The preparation and interdisciplinary skills of the lawyers of the firm enable to advise the client in selecting the most appropriate route for the best protection of their rights and interests as well as identifying the most effective defence strategy in the legal proceedings brought against them. Full comprehensive legal assistance is ensured in trials at every level of jurisdiction and in arbitral proceedings.


The Firm offers its advice mainly in relation to extraordinary transactions (M&A transactions, establishment of joint-ventures, structured finance transactions) with particular regard to international taxation issues. Assistance is also provided in favour of large Italian and foreign companies and investment funds in relation to financial taxation matters relevant in capital markets, private equity, debt restructuring, real estate transactions, engineering of financial instruments.

The Firm furnishes its tax advice also in relation to corporate taxation matters, tax litigation, tax planning (inheritance tax planning, trust services), taxation in stock options plans.